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Publish Your Pain! How to Write your Story, Start Healing and Help Others

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Have you been wanting to write your story for a long time, but never felt anyone would read it?     

Have you dealt with emotional trauma, addiction, depression, abuse, insecurities, humiliation, divorce, anxiety, unfaithfulness, suicide, or any other mentally devastating situation?

Then, this course is for YOU.

Introducing Publish Your Pain, a simple and effective masterclass that will help you write your story, start healing and help others.

This course will empower brave women with emotional scars to unleash their untold stories through book writing.

At the end of this course, my students will then have a completed book outline and production plan.

There are many book writing courses on the market. None of them get into the specifics of diving deep into your journey to writing about your emotionally painful experiences the way this course does.

I know you may be thinking that no one will care to read your story. Just remember that everyone has a story to tell that will help and inspire others.

In this course, you will learn:


Why having doubts about writing a book means you’re on the right track.

* How to confront your past to get the most out of your difficult journey.

* How to create an unforgettable book title.

* How to write your book when you’re not a writer.

* The Simple and Highly Effective way to set up chapters.

* How to get Media attention for your story.




Writing my story in a book changed my life—and I know it can change yours, too. It’s an incredible way to use the difficult parts of your life to start healing yourself and others.



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