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"Eye Can't" to I.C.O.N: A Journey of Transformation From Visionless to Visionary

"Eye Can't" to I.C.O.N: A Journey of Transformation From Visionless to Visionary

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In this gut-wrenching memoir by legally blind, fashion designer Stephanie Morris Nunn,  she recounts a life blemished by a visual impairment and unspeakable domestic violence. She also proves how unshakable faith, determination, and a supportive spouse can flip those horrible circumstances into inspirational triumphs.

“Eye Can’t” to I.C.O.N: A Journey of Transformation from Visionless to Visionary marks Mrs. Morris Nunn’s debut as an author. She deftly weaves together her childhood trauma and adult relationships with her uplifting creativity and entrepreneurial greatness and guides the reader to find their purpose against all odds.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The unlikely person who brought discipline and empathy into Stephanie’s life as a child
  • The unexpected moment she discovered her creative passion at age 9
  • What she learned from being beaten down and disrespected in her relationships
  • How a trip to Atlanta changed her life for the better
  • The impact her children have made on her journey to greatness
  • How the emotional scars of her parents have made her a better parent
  • What it takes to become a true I.C.O.N.

And much more!

“Eye Can’t” to I.C.O.N. is more than a book. It is an experience crafted to inspire hope during troubling moments, and greatness through healing.
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