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F.U.C.K. Your Insecurities!: The No-Bullshit Guide to Stop Doubting Yourself, Be Who You Are, and Do What You Want

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What Doesn’t Define You Will Never Hold You Back!

As a distant cousin to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, F*ck Feelings, Unfu*k Yourself, and You are a Badass comes this brutally honest guide to shoving aside your insecurities and self-doubt to finally take advantage of your best qualities and do what the hell you want.

The mass media and society in general has you believing that you aren’t “good enough” if you don’t have the perfect body, impressive degrees and flashy materialistic crap. No bigger lie has ever been told, because everyone is hopelessly flawed and you have a lot to offer!

Do you believe other people are better than you? Have you ever been too damn afraid to approach someone of the opposite sex for a date? Have you been afraid to try something because you feared failure or rejection? 

This book solves those problems.


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