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Dirty Truth Publishing

Face It, You're Toxic!: How to Stop Negative Self Talk, Overcome Insecurities and Feel Whole Again

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Your Most Toxic Relationship is With YOURSELF!


With a nod to The Self-Love Workbook, F.U.C.K. Your Insecurities!, Oprah’s What Happened to You and Whole Again, this masterclass in book form transforms a rude awakening into a re-birth for your mind and spirit.


Helping you to discover and correct your toxic relationship with yourself and stop negative self-talk, you now possess the tools to build yourself into the greatest self-lover possible.


Imagine always being told you can’t do something, or aren’t good enough. Imagine being doubted and underestimated by a negative person that loves playing the victim. Now, imagine being around that person everyday all day.


That person is you.


You developed that toxic relationship with yourself during childhood and it wasn’t your fault. Your life had issues before you could even speak, and the abuse that we all suffered as kids fucked you in the head. And since your past is never done with you, there’s unresolved issues which affect you to this day that you probably don’t realize.


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