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I'm Done Kissing Your Ass!: True Stories and Life Lessons to Ditch the Hero Worship and Discover Your Own Greatness

I'm Done Kissing Your Ass!: True Stories and Life Lessons to Ditch the Hero Worship and Discover Your Own Greatness

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Stop Overestimating Other People and Underestimating Yourself!

In the same brash, no-holds barred style as his first book, F.U.C.K. Your Insecurities!, 8-time author Deante Young uses a variety of real life stories to illustrate the importance of building self-belief and destroying your envy, jealousy and hero worship of others.

I’m Done Kissing Your Ass! is a self-affirming guide to discovering the skills, talents, and life experiences that make up your greatness. The world does a horrible job of building you up, and an excellent job of making you feel inferior.

Have you ever viewed someone else’s success as something you could never achieve?

Have you secretly wished you could switch places with a friend, enemy or even family member because their life looked better than yours?

Have you admired rich people and wished you were in their position?

Have you ever fawned over someone’s physical appearance and felt it was unfair you didn’t have the same “luck?”

Do you ever feel that you’re not good enough to do great things?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of those questions, this book is for you!

From childhood and beyond, Deantè spent decades putting people on pedestals because they were slim and he wasn’t, wealthy and he wasn’t, or had a specific skill and he didn’t. 

Those years of hero worship led to an emotional renaissance in recent years which redesigned his mindset and enabled him to see people for who they really are. He became repulsed by the arrogance and ego in people he once obsessed over, and learned to be his own hero.

Now he wants to give that astounding power and self awareness of your own greatness to you.

In these pages you will find:

  • The essential element to finding your daily happiness
  • Why the rich, famous and beautiful are nothing special 
  • The best reason to never envy anyone’s life
  • The most important qualities you should pursue in people
  • How to celebrate others without tearing yourself down

And much more!

It’s time to stop elevating others and stomping on your specialness. When you’re done reading I’m Done Kissing Your Ass! you’re going to wonder why you ever believed less of yourself and more of others. START THAT PROCESS NOW!

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