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The Seeds of Greatness Are Within You: A Memoir

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Where I didn’t achieve, you will achieve.” - Annie L. Dawson

Fueled by those prophetic words and constant reassurance from his mother, Wayne Dawson overcame the crime-ridden neighborhoods of his youth, his parents’ spiraling marriage, and years of juvenile delinquency to become one of the most beloved and successful broadcasters in Northeast Ohio television history.

The Seeds of Greatness Are Within You: A Memoir is the highly anticipated debut of Dawson, the author. He is already an 11-time Emmy winner, a member of the Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Press Club. The Kent State University alum is the lead anchor of Fox 8 in the Morning and has been a fixture at its television station for an astounding 42 years, proving that he is truly one of Cleveland’s Own.

He’s been a notable public speaker, community activist, and philanthropist for decades before co-founding the Dawson foundation with his brother, East Cleveland judge William Dawson. Since 2018, he has served as pastor of Grace Tabernacle Baptist Church in Lyndhurst, Ohio. In this revealing memoir, the venerable newsman reveals the stunning details of his hard-won path to excellence which include:

*How he got an “F” in Black History class and almost flunked high school

*Why girls, drugs, and alcohol almost ruined his life as an adolescent

*The reason he had to be a father figure to his baby brother

*How and why government assistance helped him get through college

*The magic moment that got him hired as a news reporter at WJKW-TV

*The heartbreaking situations that led to his marriage and career as a pastor

And much more! The Seeds of Greatness Are Within You: A Memoir, is not Wayne Dawson’s legacy. It is an articulation of his legacy written in a way that’s meant to uplift, inform and inspire readers and dreamers to follow their hearts and fulfill their life’s purpose.


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